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into exile. >> bill: because russia has been syria's main ally. >> absolutely. backing it all the way. there again this is our man. we're not going to look like obama did. we're not going to go back down. obama backed down on mubarak. the russians see that as a sign of weakness. we're sticking with our guy. the rebels are advancing. they're getting increasingly armed first from external sources but also from the bases they captured so they've got heavy equipment now. we talked about this last week. tanks, anti-aircraft that -- weapons that have downed two syrian aircraft in the last two weeks. so you see the assad forces falling back. they're in a fight for damascus at this point. so a lot of the heavy shelling that's going on, it isn't going on up north in aleppo. the syrian army has retreated from the northern and eastern provinces. they're battling for damascus at this point. >> bill: will he be the first dictator to use chemical weapons since saddam hussein? >> saddam hussein used them. his father is rumored to h
assad of syria are numbered with the rebels gaining ground and now even russia intervening to say it's time that -- they're almost ready to say the time assad should step down getting close to it. on all fronts, we'll bring you the news of the day and get you involved to talk about it. hear what it means to you. give us a call at 1-866-55-press talk to us on twitter at bpshow and follow us on facebook, to help us through the events of the day. someone who writes about them every day several times a day for "daily beast," michael tomasky, columnist for the "daily beast" joining us in studio. you write for so many publications. you also do some stuff for new york review, books? >> yeah. those are my main two things. >> bill: then you have democracy. >> democracy. journal of ideas. i'm the editor of it. i write for it once a year or something like that. very nice of you to mention democracy, i would like to see people check out democracyjournal. >> bill: there it is. michael tomasky.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2